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You’re an avid fisherman, getting your first cast in before the sun starts its day. Or maybe you’re an adventurer/explorer extraordinaire, mapping out every corner of every body of water the globe has to offer. Perhaps you’re a fitness nut looking for new exciting ways to improve your physique. Whatever the reason, you’re a seafarer, and the kayak is the ideal vessel for you.

Since 1999, Malibu Kayaks has designed high-quality, affordable kayaks for hardcore enthusiasts and curious parties alike – anyone who wants to do more than just dip their toe in the water. Recreational paddlers love our kayaks. Anglers swear by our angler kayaks. And fitness experts enjoy riding the waves on a Malibu Kayaks surf ski. For over a decade we’ve created kayaks based on what’s important to the kayaker. It’s been that way since their humble beginnings. 

Malibu MiniX


Great for beginners, the Mini-X is lightweight, durable, and easy to maneuver. This smaller version of our X-Factor is now equipped with a standing platform for easy recreational paddling and shallow-water fishing. A solid all-purpose mini.

Length: 9'3" Width: 33" Depth: 12" Weight: 40 lbsMax. Capacity: 325 lbs

Malibu Sierra 10

Sierra 10

Unlike our other kayaks, the Sierra-10 is a sit-inside model, giving it a stable, dry ride for winter kayaking. Great for the all-season fisherman, the Sierra-10 comes equipped with our Apex-1 seat, 2 rod holders, and ample storage space.

Length: 10'Width: 31"Depth: 15.25"Weight: 45 lbsMax. Capacity: 325 lbs

Malibu Pro2 Tandem

Pro Tandem2

Couples, siblings, and fitness partners alike will love the Pro 2 Tandem – the ultimate two-seater kayak. Designed for all-around lake and ocean paddling for riders of all ages and skill level. Twice the fun, but A-Okay for a single rider.

Length: 13'Width: 33"Depth: 11"Weight: 62 lbsMax. Capacity: 550 lbs

Malibu XCaliber


Ready for the most stable and dry ride you’ll ever experience in a sit-on-top kayak? The X-Caliber was meticulously designed with a unique hull shape that will enable even the most water-fearing kayakers to feel comfortable. Take your kayaking mini-me on your adventures with the included gator seat and enjoy family time like never before! 

Length: 12'6"Width: 31"Depth: 12"Weight: 52 lbsMax. Capacity: 400

Malibu Stealth 9

Stealth 9

Sized for mobility like our popular Mini-X but set up for the serious angler, the Stealth-9 is a small fish and dive kayak that packs a punch. Equipped with our 3-hatch Center Bait Tank System, the Stealth-9 is the ideal fishing mini-kayak

Length: 9'3"Width: 33.5"Depth: 12"Weight: 42 lbsMax. Capacity: 325 lbs

Malibu Stealth 12

Stealth 12

A great mid-sized option for expert anglers, the Stealth-12 is a well-balanced fishing machine. Comes fully equipped with Gator Hatch (for your little fishing apprentice), 3-hatch Center Bait Tank System, and front and rear rod holders.

Length: 12'4"Width: 33"Depth: 12"Weight: 55 lbsMax. Capacity: 450 lbs

Malibu Stealth 14

Stealth 14

The top of the line Stealth series, the Stealth-14 provides ample 550 lb. storage capacity, Gator Hatch, patented casting platform, and of course, our 3-hatch Center Bait Tank System. A must for the discerning angler who demands everything. 

Length: 14'4"Width: 33"Depth: 12"Weight: 62 lbsMax. Capacity: 550 lbs

Malibu XFactor


The X-Factor is our best design for the hardcore fisher and diver. Capable of cutting through the roughest chop and swell. Highlights include a casting platform, a redesigned flat rear hatch, and our multi-purpose hatch system for cooler, dry storage, livewell, or battery compartment.

Length: 14'4"Width: 33"Depth: 13"Weight: 62 lbsMax. Capacity: 625lbs 

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